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The Plantagon Weekly

Hi. We are trying to create a hybrid of custom made and automized newsletter, The Plantagon Weekly. Please subscribe at

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Why the Plantagon Member Project is Essential

People are the essence of a community. Of course the infrastructure, natural environment, and the systems they keep that community going are all important. But, it is the people, that are the heart and soul of the community. 

Similarly, members of an association are important for that association to grow, be self-sufficient, and engage with other networks of communities. Particularly for associations seeking to use their "crowd" to have an influence in the world, members who are active and engaged become a necessary component if that influence is going to be achieved, sustained, and used properly.

The Plantagon Member Project is one of those opportunities to achieve this end. By showing members what the return on their investments are, it helps engage and keep them engaged. Moreover, it helps Plantagon grow. In my ideas section, I will begin to articulate one project and outline future ones, that can be used to grow Plantagon, make it economically self-sufficient, grow its influence, and create an active, engaged community of members. I hope you will join and support me and my colleagues Justine Clerc and Liz Mariani amongst the other voices, in our efforts to achieve these and other ends. 

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Business As Usual Is Over - The Red Capitalist [Kindle Edition]

Great News! The ebook Business As Usual Is Over - The Red Capitalist by Hans Hassle [Kindle Edition] is now available on Amazon. Just click here to purchase and download the book. This latest edition has been edited by Justine Clerc and translated by André Brauer. Click on "Kindle Edition" to preview the eBook. We look forward to reading your reviews. Consider sharing your impressions of the book as part of our Your Ideas portion of the Plantagon Community Page. 

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What is The Plantagon Member Project?

What is the Plantagon Member Project?

The Plantagon Member Project is an opportunity to reward actively engaged members in creating and managing their own projects (SEE: Sepehr's system for Bak Choi and Tilapia) in relation to Plantagon's mission and vision. By participating in this campaign, newly recruited members will have the chance to compete for internships, externships, or become Certified Plantagon Ambassadors. Sponsors will get exclusive trainings in the latest in Corporate Social Responsibility tools and metrics. A select number of participants will be able to travel to Stockholm, Sweden or other locations internationally in the execution of their activities.

Membership Packages start at $20 USD but for a long-term commitment we suggest the Generation Share Package. A Generation Share Package includes 10 year membership and a Closure Right in Plantagon International which allows holders to share in the benefit of Plantagon with a 7 generation approach. Additionally, Closure Rights will receive a copy of the e-book, Business as Usual is Over, by Hans Hassle and a tutorial led by Plantagon Ambassadors, and exclusive access to the Plantagon network.

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Absolut Plantagon

The Absolute Plantagon T-Shirt contest is closed.

We would like to congratulate the Winner:

Adi Grgic

The winning contribution:

 Sow Seeds Grow Worlds Plantagon


OK, we will steal a good idea (from Absolute Vodka, another Swedish brand - and don't you miss the chance to make some money for yourself here at the same time as doing good):

We ask you - famous artists and creative people all over the world - to create t-shirt-art inspired by the Plantagon logotype.

The logo is named "Evolution" and the meaning is as follows (you will not get the full story here though...):

The ring symbolizes eternity, all life, everything.

The left "arrow" is all human actions until today (human history); obviously it does NOT connect to eternity as we do know if we are part of it (most probably not).

The right "arrow" represents the upcoming human activities, let's call it the future.

Inbetween history and the future is a space - that is the moment of responsibility we are always in; looking back at the history, learning from it and making the right decision for the future; good decisions made based upon understanding of the past and the true consideration of future generations.

If you look really, really carefully you can also see that there is a "smiley" (it was designed in 1994 when there were NO smilies around) in the logo as the "arrows" are not really centered: It is a good warrior fighting to make good at the same time as she/he is prooving to be and idealist - fighting really, really hard.

Now: You make t-shirt-art of this logo, we publish and sell your t-shirt with your signature on it and you keep 20% of the profit.

Deal? Send us your entry at before September 15th.

Good luck! 

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Updated PlantaStore

Hey - go visit the new PlantaStore - all profit from any sales goes to Plantagon non profit activities, such as innovating low tech and affordable solutions for low income urban environments.

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Our film, "The Plantagon Message", screened at Native Film Festival

Our film, "The Plantagon Message" is featured at the Native Film Festival - incredible!


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Onondaga Nation and their friends making history while you read this...

Sharing this in deep proudness of being a small, small part of the Haudenosaunee ( history through Plantagon. This is history being made by our owners as you read this - challenging the Doctrine of Discovery.

An update on the progress of the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign. The Dakota Unity Riders arrive in Syracuse today. The send-off celebration festival is on Saturday from 10-5 at Russell Sage College in Troy, and they launch from Albany on Sunday morning at 10 am. Please click on this link for more information about the itinerary and events 

Here is a link to the first in a series of short videos by filmmaker Gwendolen Cates for the Onondaga Nation. This 6-minute video is an introduction to the campaign and historic canoe journey.

Gwendolen will continue to post videos as they travel down the Hudson.

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"... a company saying: There is a problem, we have the solution and you can be part of it."

Listen to Justine from France, Liz and Yussuf from the US tell you about Plantagon, why they joined Plantagon Companization and visited Stockholm last week to kick-off the Plantagon non-profit work to come.

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